Piano Repairs and Regulation

Piano RepairsĀ 

We fix everything from broken strings and squeaky pedals to worn ivories and double-striking hammers. Each repair is different and will be assessed in person, it may be handled the day of service or require purchasing parts.

All piano repair work is $50 an hour labor, plus the cost of parts.

Piano Regulation

Regulation is a larger task that can take anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks, depending on the condition of your piano. Over time, the wood and felt parts of your piano wear down, making the action feel heavy, uneven, and unresponsive. Dust and dirt also collect in many places that cause action parts to move sluggishly. Regulation is the process of taking the action out of the piano, removing all dirt and debris, repairing/replacing all broken parts, and then finally aligning, lubricating, and regulating each part in order to provide the greatest amount of sensitivity and ease for the player. The diagram below illustrates a cross-section of a single key on a grand piano action. There are roughly 35 adjustments to be made to each key. Multiply that by 88 and you have a fully regulated piano. We recommend having your piano regulated every five to ten years.

All piano regulation work is $50 an hour labor, plus the cost of parts

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